21 Silly, Wacky & Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas for – AceParents.com (2024)

21 Silly, Wacky & Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas for – AceParents.com (1)

You’ve got to see thesecrazy hair day ideas for school! From unicorns to mermaids to bug-infested grass, we’ve found some of the most creative and craziest ideas out there! The good news is that they are all easy and doable at home with kids of all ages. Let’s have some crazy hair fun…

21 Silly, Wacky & Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas for – AceParents.com (2)Let’s have some crazy hair day fun!

Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Kids of All Ages

This is one of my favorite days at school. I remember doing this during Red Ribbon week and Homecoming week, and now it is my child’s favorite! We love creating all sorts of wacky hairstyles!

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So grab some bobby pins, hair clip, pipe cleaners, and maybe even some googly eyes and hair gel to create these fun wacky hairstyles.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for School

1. Unicorn Hairstyles

I’m in LOVE with this unicorn hairstyle for girls. via Lou Lou Girls

2. Little Mermaid Hairstyle

Color a braid to create this adorable Little Mermaid hairstyle. This is the ultimate mermaid hair! via One Crafty Thing

3. Balloon Pigtails

Attach helium balloons to pigtails for a fun and unique hairstyle. via Pinterest

4. Lalaloopsy Hair

How about some Lalaloopsy hair?! Then they can match their dolls. This is one of my favorite easy crazy hair day ideas. It’s easy, fun, and a simple way to do your daughter’s hair. via Artsy Fartsy Mama

5. Crazy Hairstyles For Boys

Paint hair green and add some fake bugs for a super coolhairstyle that boys will dig. You can even use these for girls that have short hair as well. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect creative hairstyle in this list. via Panda Gossips

6. Rainbow Hair

This twisty rainbow hairstyle even has clouds on the bottom! This is perfect for wacky hair day! You get to add so much hair color! The temporary spray hair paint would be perfect for this. via DIY

Crazy Hairstyles for Girls

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21 Silly, Wacky & Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas for – AceParents.com (3)Love these crazy hairstyles!

7. Cupcake Hairstyles

Make crazy cupcake hair from two buns. All you need is some fuzzy colorful pony tail holders and a cupcake liner or two. via Bored Bug

8. Octopus Hair Accessory

Add this super cute octopus accessory to a bun for an adorable crazy hairstyle for girls. via One Creative Mommy

9.Doughnut Hairstyles

Turn a bun into a doughnut! So cute! via Smart Girls DIY

10. Beehive Hairstyle

Twist braids together to create a beehive hairstyle. So fun! So fun! Some of these crazy hair styles are a pun on traditional or retro hairstyles. I love it. via Family Holiday

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Girls and Boys

11. Easy Troll Hair

It is easy to make your own troll hair! We have all the details about how to make troll hair to wear to crazy hair day at school. Watch the video tutorial above or check out the article with step by step instructions.

12. Crazy Hair Ideas With Ginger Ale

Pour some ginger ale with this adorable crazy hairstyle. All you need is an empty bottle of Ginger Ale and a plastic cup to do this wacky style. via Instagram

13. Silly Spider Hair

A spider bun is fun for crazy hair day or Halloween! via Simple as That

14. Crazy Ponytail

Use a pipe cleaner to make your son or daughter’s ponytail stick straight up! This gives a new meaning to ponytail. via Babes In Hair Land

15. Butterfly Braid

This butterfly braid is gorgeous and perfect for crazy hair day. via Modern Salon

16. Mr. Potato Head Crazy Hair

Make a face using Mr. Potato Head accessories! So fun! It is a great crazy hair day style via Instagram

17. Basketball Hair Net

Make a “hair net” with actual hair! She essentially has a basketball net on the top of her head. via Pinterest

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Boys

21 Silly, Wacky & Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas for – AceParents.com (4)Oh so many crazy hair ideas!

18. Creepy Crawly Hairstyles For Boys

Fake spider webs and plastic spiders make for a creepy hairstyle for boys. via Sugar Blossoms

19. Catch A Wave Hairstyle for Your Little Surfer

How cute is this catch-a-wave style?! via DIY

20. Death Star Hairstyle – Let the Battle Begin

Star Wars fan will adore this Death Star hairstyle for boys. via Lou Lou Girls

21. Mohawk Iguana

Turn a mohawk into an iguana — perfect for boys! via Instagram

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Which crazy hair day style is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section!

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Crazy Hair Day Ideas for School

The article discusses various creative and crazy hair day ideas for school. These ideas are easy and doable at home with kids of all ages. Some of the ideas mentioned in the article include:

  1. Unicorn Hairstyles: This hairstyle involves creating a unicorn-inspired look using hair accessories and styling techniques.
  2. Little Mermaid Hairstyle: This hairstyle is inspired by the character of the Little Mermaid and involves coloring a braid to create a mermaid-like look.
  3. Balloon Pigtails: This hairstyle incorporates helium balloons attached to pigtails, creating a fun and unique hairstyle.
  4. Lalaloopsy Hair: This hairstyle is inspired by the Lalaloopsy dolls and involves creating a hairstyle that matches the dolls' hair.
  5. Crazy Hairstyles for Boys: This idea suggests painting the hair green and adding fake bugs for a cool and creative hairstyle for boys.
  6. Rainbow Hair: This hairstyle features a twisty rainbow design with clouds at the bottom, allowing for the addition of vibrant hair colors .
  7. Cupcake Hairstyles: This idea involves creating a hairstyle that resembles a cupcake using buns and colorful ponytail holders.
  8. Octopus Hair Accessory: This hairstyle incorporates a cute octopus accessory added to a bun, creating an adorable look.
  9. Doughnut Hairstyles: This idea suggests turning a bun into a doughnut shape, resulting in a cute and playful hairstyle.
  10. Beehive Hairstyle: This hairstyle involves twisting braids together to create a beehive-inspired look.

These are just a few examples of the crazy hair day ideas mentioned in the article. Each idea offers a unique and creative way to style hair for a fun and memorable day at school.

I hope this information helps! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.

21 Silly, Wacky & Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas for – AceParents.com (2024)


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